Clinical Development

One of the most important factors in the success of your hospice is the ongoing training and development of your clinical team. This team is your hospice's front line. They are often the first to hear new information about patients, opportunities, and changes. The one thing the best hospices have in common is their clinical teams possess both technical and tactical knowledge. This is exactly why Kahmé is not just a simple online program for your team to watch or read. We understand that each member of your clinical staff is the face of your hospice... what they do, how they perform, and the level of care they provide will be the primary (if not exclusive) driver behind what people think and say about your hospice. Your hospice team members can have technical knowledge but lack the experience or education to guide the real world application of that knowledge. In other words, they know the right answer to the question on the test but they may not have the intuition to make the right decision at precisely the right time. With Kahmé's Clinical Development program, your clinical team will be equipped with the working knowledge and practical application necessary to help guide their decisions and ultimately take your hospice to a whole new level.

Courses in this Program:

  • Cardiovascular Assessment & Disease Processes
  • Pulmonary Assessment & Disease Processes
  • Dementia Types & Trajectories
  • Dementia Certification Course
  • Veteran Care Certification Course
  • Wounds
  • Pain Palliative Care Master
  • Cariovascular Palliative Care Master
  • Pulmonary Palliative Care Master
  • Hepatic Palliative Care Master
  • ELNEC Core Training

Spearhead Leadership

Identifying and developing both new and experienced talent within your organization is crucial to the long-term success of your hospice. Kahme has created a three-pronged program to address these complex needs and to create, develop, and inspire your hospice's leaders and provide them with the skills and talents they need to help you safely navigate the clinical and business challenges that will inevitably come your way. Because in a world of cut backs, layoffs, audits, slashed government reimbursement rates, and skyrocketing costs of doing business, you cannot afford the incalculable cost of key employee turnover, poor leadership, or dissatisfied, uninspired, and unproductive staff members. With Kahmé's Spearhead Leadership program you will be able to tap into the unrealized leadership potential in each of your staff members. Your team will have the knowledge and freedom to be truly empowered. You will be amazed at how your new and experienced leaders not only succeed in virtually any challenge, but have the clear vision and insight to help your hospice thrive as they help you lead your team to success!

Courses in this Program:

Kahmé Konnect

Have you ever wondered why your sales and marketing team only attracts certain types of patients? Have you noticed that your sales and marketing team they spend all their time with ALFs and SNFs, but never with individual doctors, clinics or hospitals? Your community depends upon you and your staff to provide much needed dignity throughout the process of dying. At the same time, new patient flow is the life-blood of your hospice. To many hospices, the two primary roles they must fill (providing care and attracting patients) often conflict. There is a time-tested formula of hospice sales and marketing success that pushes your team to properly fill both roles. Because, in the cutthroat world of attracting patient referrals, the hospice that can differentiate the most (e.g. provide better care, faster, than anyone else) more times than not is the one to receive the referral. Hospice sales and marketing success is more than just going through the motions, and it certainly isn't dumb luck... it is a strategic initiative that is calculated, trained, and –most importantly-- tracked. Success depends on your staff's ability to anticipate and fulfill needs, provide care, seize upon opportunity, and find a way to make a difference in your community. In short, if you want your hospice to be successful, they need to Konnect.

Courses in this Program:

  • How Are You Reaching Your Audience?
  • Measuring Results
  • Value Proposition/UVP/USP
  • Offline Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • SEO
  • Local Branding
  • Building Relationships
  • Strategy to Compensate Sales Force
  • Process of Selling
  • Identifying Plan & Goals
  • Questions That Sell
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Moving the Deal Forward

Kahmé DNA

It's easy to find "one-size-fits-all" solutions that tell you how you are going to train your team. The problem with these "cookie-cutter" programs is they do not help you 1) properly onboard new staff members with the information that is important to your hospice, 2) keep existing staff members up-to-date with the latest information and training on how to make your hospice the preferred hospice in your area, and 3) prevent turnover in key positions. Alternatively, if you try to create in-house training, it's difficult and time consuming to develop content you know is going to pass fickle government and professional auditors. In either case, you are short-changing your staff, your patients, and your community. That's why we created the Kahmé DNA program. We want you to be successful, your team members to feel supported from day one, and your mission and vision to be hardwired into every new team member. This type of training gives your hospice a competitive advantage that cannot be recruited away, ripped-off, or ignored. This training is interwoven throughout your entire organization and helps your team have the information, training, and understanding to make empowered decisions. It's more than a simple regurgitation of information... it's altering the very foundation of your hospice training program, from the macro level, down to your hospice's DNA.

Courses in this Program:

  • Organizational Health & Safety
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • HIPAA 1
  • HIPAA 2
  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance Improvement
  • Ethics
  • Hazardous/Infectious Materials
  • Advanced Directives
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Death & Dying
  • Grief & Breavement
  • Communication
  • Pain & Symptom Management
  • Stress Management
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Care of Veterans at End of Life

Kahmé Katalyst

Kahmé Katalyst is the crowning achievement in the Kahmé training system. Kahmé Katalyst teaches your clinical and leadership teams on how to capitalize on their progress and expertise. Not only do we help you create a powerful and motivational team member on-boarding plan, we teach your clinical teams and your leadership teams to focus on the primary drivers of hospice success: patient care, business logic, and constant improvement. The benefits of Kahmé Katalyst don't stop inside your practice. The results from the training we help you provide to your staff are hard to ignore. You will find with each new insight we deliver, your staff becomes more proficient, more focused on dramatically increasing the level of care they provide, and more driven to make your hospice stand out. It's one thing to claim to be the best hospice in your area, it's another thing entirely to be seen as the best. With Kahmé Katalyst, we provide you and your team with the instructional and educational resources necessary to help others recognize your hospice as a market leader and the best choice to turn to in their time of need. Kahmé Katalyst shows your team how to build strong referral relationships, provide unparalleled patient care, improve your online and offline marketing presence, and so much more. It's time your hospice had the jumpstart it needs to transform it into something remarkable... but in today's increasingly competitive market, your hospice cannot afford to let this change happen slowly, the process of change needs to be sped up... which is why you need a Katalyst.

Courses in this Program:

  • Organization Specific Onboarding
  • Your Mission
  • Your Philosophy of Doing Business
  • Company Ethos
  • Vacation & Sick Leave
  • FMLA/Leaves of Absence
  • Holidays
  • Equipment Supply Management
  • Time & Leave Reporting
  • Overtime
  • Performance Reviews
  • Dress Code
  • Personal Conduct Standards
  • Progressive Disciplinary Actions
  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • Email & Internet Use/Social Networking
  • Safety (Actions to Take in Unsafe Situations)
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Performance Evaluations