Why You Need Kahmé

What is the difference between hospice programs that succeed — that thrive, emotionally, physically and financially, even in the most difficult times — and those who are suffering?

Successful hospice programs take a different quality of action. They have a different quality of thinking and training that guides their actions and gets them to succeed when others fail.

They question how to motivate. They feed their employees minds with the best-quality development, products, tools, strategies, information and inspiration available. Most of all, they are hungry. They never stop. Their focus is on how to create and maintain momentum. With that kind of drive, they will always succeed.

Train your people to grow your practice.

  • Online Learning Center
  • Spearhead Leadership and Events
  • Palliative Care Masters Series
  • One on One/Many Training
  • CHPN Certification

Business and especially hospice flounder when external forces direct change within your organization. Unless you have a team that is built to learn and adapt to an ever changing environment. That is what Kahme provides, the skills and tools to adapt to everything that is coming your way.

Kahme is not here to sell you on the latest problem you are going to have because of changes in regulation. We are here to teach you and your team how to adapt to the changes and excel during turbulent times.


  • Live small group training sessions (go to meeting: webcam)
  • Onsite training: clinical intensive, sales intensive
  • Live sessions recorded and aired for playback
  • EMR integration into training HR onboarding

The founding member of Kahme started as a CNA in Hospice. Since that time, 2 wars and a master's degree later, he started his own hospice. As a new start up hospice he faced all of the same challenges you face every single day. Six years later as the third largest hospice in the state he faced the challenges not only of a small mom and pop hospice but also of the national hospice programs. Throughout it all, ADR's, RAC's, Medicare Part D, Medicare and Joint Commission surveys, Census dips, staffing turnover, team members that have been there from the start and untimely an acquisition, one thing remained consistent... Focus on the best clinical product in our market. The hospice did not grow because it had the best sales people, a guaranteed referral source or magic sauce. It grew because the team felt supported from the top down, and the hospice management made every effort to provide the staff with the most up to date practices, the best training, and ultimately created a team of 80 individual human beings that acted as one – with one goal in mind... to transform their Hospice into what they thought it should be... simply the best.

Because they focused on the clinical product, the hospice had a consistent 33% annual growth. In 7 years the hospice grew from 0 to 200 ADC.

This growth is possible in any market and we can show you how by focusing on your clinical team. When you have the best clinical team your operational goals will take care of themselves.

The national training programs focus on training as many people as possible with recorded trainings or via computer programs. These programs help you meet the annual standards and some even help you improve. As a company we used four different national programs. One, to meet our national Joint Commission standards and the other three to help our team develop their skills. As you know we found the greatest benefit by sending individuals to live training. But, even then, there were two thousand people in the room and the one to one expert feedback was wanting.

Additionally the cost of these programs is so cost prohibitive we could not send all of the staff that wanted to go. That is why Kahme was created. We want to bring the expert to your training room. We do small group instruction via webinar to provide the most up to date clinical practice every single week. By maximizing todays technology we not only provide the expert physiology and pathophysiology needed to be an expert in hospice care we provide residual education via facebook, twitter and other online and traditional avenues.

That's just your nursing and CNA staff, we believe that hospice is best when all team members have the same support. That is why we developed training specific for your chaplains and social workers as well. We train on DSM-IV, psycho-social, culture, diversity, evidence based therapy including CBT, group therapy, spiritual diversity, advanced directions, power of attorney, grief counseling, crisis counseling and just for fun we discuss Piaget, Erickson and Watson. Due to the nature of training with chaplains and social workers we do our best to keep these class sizes to 6-9 individuals. These classes are more discussion based and bring the diversity that comes with each individuals practice to the group.